Ann Coulter's Slander: An Analysis

Friday, August 23, 2002


Slannderman. This is the most comprehensive list of errors, misrepresentations, and distortions in Ann Coulter’s book, Slander.

The Daily Howler did a series of posts on the errors in Slander—most of them in July and August 2002. Check the 2002 archives.

Scoobie Davis Online. In addition to this page, I wrote several posts, most in the month of July, on the various misrepresentations in Slander.

The nonpartisan Spinsanity did a devastating article on Slander.

John C. Cotey did an article for the St. Petersburg Times on how internet writers scooped the mainstream media when it came to reporting on the inaccuracies and misrepresentations in Slander.

Scott Spicciati catches Coulter in a contradiction in a Q & A at Florida State University. Click Here for the hilarious transcript.

Eric Alterman wrote an article on Coulter and Slander in The Nation.

The prestigious Columbia Journalism Review has an article, "How Slippery is Slander" by Michael Scherer and Sarah Secules in its Nov/Dec 2002 issue. The authors indicate that the publisher corrected five errors for the second printing. Also, CJR examined 40 assertions in Slander cited by "liberal columnists and bloggers" as deceptive and found that twenty-one of them "would not pass [a fact-check] without major debate." One of these twenty-one errors mentioned in the article was the claim Coulter made about Frank Rich and the Bush administration (scroll down to the 6/26 post, "Ann Coulter’s Slander: The Title is Correct—But for the Wrong Reasons. by Scoobie Davis"). This article was possible only because of the hard work of the aforementioned "liberal columnists and bloggers"; the mainstream media dropped the ball big time. The reviews for Slander in the New York Times and Washington Post were puff pieces; The reviewer for the Los Angeles Times was a former Bush campaign spokesman (click here and here).